Chronos (1985), Baraka (1992) and Samsara (2012) are 70mm non-verbal film collaborations between director Ron Fricke, producer Mark Magidson and composer Michael Stearns.  Visit the website,, for more information as well as trailers and interviews with the film’s producer, director and Michael about the making of the films.  All three films are available on DVD and BluRay online, and the soundtracks are available on CD by following the links below. Two new Chronos CDs are replacing the original release that has been out of print for over ten years. The first is the re-mastered original 1985 digital Ambisonics mix to Mitsubishi X-86. This version will play in stereo and can also be decoded for surround playback with the proper Ambisonics equipment. The second is a new version, a stereo fold-down of a 24/96 digital transfer of the original 6 channel analogue film print master. Both new "Chronos" releases are now available for streaming and download from Michael's BandCamp Page.

         ChronosWHTE150   ChronosX86150        baraka_cd150v2   samsara_cd150v2