The Guesthouse Studio

The Guesthouse

Michael works in his music scoring, post production sound and mixing facility, The Guesthouse. It is a 36 by 22 studio/stage with 12 high ceilings. Features include:

11 foot diagonal 16:9 screen
HD native 16:9 video projection (2200 lumens)
35mm interlock film projection (forward & reverse play)
full theatrical and home theater monitoring
IMAX and special venue monitoring
three independent 5.1 reference systems in three separate rooms
dts, Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround (Pro Logic) encoders
music scoring to picture/music production
soundtrack builds including sound effect pulling and editorial
sound design, Foley spotting and shooting, dialogue editing, ADR
pre-dubbing and final mixing
screenings, dailies and soundtrack checks
CD mastering and DVD authoring

analogue and digital synthesizers/samplers
unique acoustic instruments



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