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Welcome to the site. It has undergone many changes since first appearing on the web ten years ago in 1994. Raven Zachary designed that original site. When Raven first showed it to me, I had never heard of the World Wide Web.

In 1999, I worked with Benjamin Forde on the design of a new web site. The language, images and symbolism used in that site have been carried forward into this revision.

Woven into the design of the homepage, you will find images of the four elements, the four directions and the quartering of the universe. Many of these images are from photographs taken by my former wife Karen Angle. You’ll also find some of her photos in the gallery pages.

On the two diagonals of the homepage image, there are four purple spheres, which come from Mayan symbols.

Earth Turtle Studios = Unity.

CD's and Music.CD's and Music. = Polarity

Image GalleryImage GalleryImage Gallery = Rhythm, and

Past, Present and FuturePast, Present and FuturePast, Present and FuturePast, Present and Future = Measure.

Under each of the four primary site links are four Balinese words,
 Udara for Air 
Tanah for
the Earth
Tirtha for the
realm of Water.
 Nala for Fire

I would also like to thank studio x for spending much time creating the interface and many of the details that the site rests on and hosting my earlier sites for the last ten years.

Michael Stearns
Santa Fe, New Mexico July 2004

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