Shere Khan at Randy Miller's Predators
Michael with
Sir Arthur C. Clarke,
Sri Lanka

Meeting the Kayapo
for Baraka,
Amazon, Brazil

In The Lost World,

Big Trucks,
Filming Baraka
at the Carajas Mine,
Amazon, Brazil

At the Pyramids in Egypt
while filming Chronos

With Dolphins,
Roatan, Honduras

Recording Shere Khan at Randy Miller's Predators in Action.

Michael and Arthur C. Clark
 Kayapo Children,
 Amazon, Brazil

 Trekking in The Lost World,

 Dinner on the Top of
 Roraima Tepui,
 The Lost World,

 Attending ISTC at
 Futuroscope, France

 Skinny Dipping in
 Jirisan National Park,

 Dolphin in the Lap,
 Roatan, Honduras

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