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Recordings 1988 to 1998


(Hearts of Space1988) CD
One of the musical dialects which has felt most natural to me is the language of Space. Although many of my albums have been written and recorded in the flavor of Space, this is the first to focus on Space as a theme. This series of vignettes evoke very literal images of a Contact/Encounter, and a journey into the environments of what we call ‘outer space'. We travel both linearly and dimensionally (obliquely) through this science fantasy on a sonic voyage that is both very personal, and yet familiar to all. - $15.00
1. Encounter
2. Craft
3. The Beacon Real Audio
4. On The Way
5. Dimensional Shift
6. Within
7. Distant Thunder
8. Alien Shore Real Audio
9. Procession
10. Star Dreams


Sacred Site

Sacred Site
(Hearts of Space1993) CD
Over the years, many people have asked me about the availability of the music soundtrack to Ron Fricke's 1986 short subject SACRED SITE. During those same years, I traveled around the world on many film projects, experiencing and making digital recordings of other sacred sites, rain forests, volcanoes, and the indigenous people who live there. This album weaves together the music and the ambiance of many of those places and film projects. Also included, the theme to Baraka (which was not released on the Baraka soundtrack CD) and much more. - $15.00
1. Genesis Voices/Sacred Site Theme Real Audio
2. Baraka Theme Real Audio
3. Paha Sapa
4. Tropical Rain Forest
5. Land Light
6. Sacred Site Soundtrack
7. Twin Flame
8. Return
9. Chronos: Portraits Theme
10. Chronos: Main Theme
11. Chronos: Escalator Theme


The Lost World

The Lost World
(Fathom/Hearts of Space1995) CD
Whenever I have gone out hiking or backpacking, I always enter into that childhood space of searching for a "Lost World". It lives as a place within all of us, and with the expansion of the modern world, it gets harder and harder to find. In 1994 I traveled to The Lost World (El Mundo Perdido) in the south of Venezuela. This is the area that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about in his book "The Lost World". The music on this album was inspired by the sights and sounds, the stories that I heard, and the experiences I had while exploring this area. Some of them stretched me into the unknown and revealed what is very hard to describe in words... easier to evoke with music. Many of the sounds I collected there are woven into the musical fabric of this CD. - $15.00
1. Kama Meru
2. Lost World Theme
3. Imu Paru Real Audio
4. Maripak: The Last Pterodactyl
5. Matawi: Killer of Men
6. Sabana Real Audio
7. Volcano
8. Auyan
9. Warao
10. St. Francis
11. Crystal Canyon
12. Lost World Reprise


Collected Ambient and Textural Works 1977-1987

Collected Ambient and Textural Works 1977-1987
(Fathom/Hearts of Space1996) CD
This CD features a select compilation of music from the early albums "Desert Moon Walk" (1977), "Ancient Leaves" (1978), "Jewel" (1979/1985), "Lyra" (1983), "M'ocean" (1984), and "Floating Whispers" (1987). During the recording of the earliest of these works, "Vicki's Dance" and "Desert Moon Walk", I was playing live at the Continuum Studio. The source material for these pieces was taken from those early live performances. "Ancient Leaves" and "Elysian E" were two of my first composed pieces released on LP. With "Morning" in ‘79, I began weaving ambient recordings made during my world travels into the fabric of the music. And, there are three pieces from "Lyra", recorded with sculptor George Landry's gigantic electronic harp. Some material has been edited. All have been meticulously digitally re-mastered. A full 74 minutes of music. - $15.00
1. Elysian E
2. M'ocean
3. Morning
4. Ancient Leaves
5. Subterranean Ambiance
6. Rivers of Rhythm
7. Vicki's Dance
8. Jewel
9. Night Currents Real Audio (excerpt)
10. The Dragon's Dream World
11. Desert Moon Walk Real Audio


Collected Thematic Works 1977-1987

Collected Thematic Works 1977-1987
(Fathom/Hearts of Space1996) CD
This CD features a select compilation of music from the early albums "Ancient Leaves" (1978), "M'ocean" (1984), "Plunge" (1986), "Floating Whispers" (1987), and several previously unpublished tracks. "Ancient Leaves" was recorded in the spring of 1977 and was performed live in August of that year at the "7-7-77" festival in Ocean Park. "Marriage Chords" was performed live entirely on the Serge Synthesizer for my wedding in 1980. "Three Faces of the Goddess" was created for a performance series with dancers, and the pieces from Plunge and Floating Whispers were created in between film projects. Some material has been edited. All have been meticulously digitally re-mastered. A full 74 minutes of music. - $15.00
1. Spanish Twilight
2. Her Way
3. Dark Passage
4. Space Grass Real Audio
5. A Moment Before
6. The Reflecting Heart
7. Bell Tear
8. Plunge
9. Almost Daybreak Real Audio
10. At the Bath
11. Marriage Chords
12. 3 Faces of the Goddess
13. Voyager
14. Floating Whispers
15. Ancient Leaves
16. Penguins on Mars
17. Whoosh!


Desert Solitaire

Desert Solitaire
with Kevin Braheny and Steve Roach
(Fortuna/Celestial Harmonies 1989) CD
Dedicated to the late Edward Abbey (1927-1989) who died while the album was in production. Michael, Kevin and Steve bring their experiences from the musical heart of the American Southwest to this CD. - $15.00
1. Flatlands
2. Labyrinth Real Audio (excerpt)
3. Specter
4. The Canyon's Embrace
5. Cloud of Promise
6. Knowledge & Dust
7. Shiprock
8. Highnoon Real Audio (excerpt)
9. Empty Time
10. From the Heart of Darkness
11. Desert Solitaire


Singing Stones

Singing Stones
with Ron Sunsinger
(Fathom/Hearts of Space 1994) CD
Michael and Ron traveled to sacred sites in the American South West that were known for their singing stones. These are rocks that ring when struck or rubbed with the hand. Many are covered with petroglyphs. Some were as large as cars, others as small as a dinner plate. Often the resonance traveled between rocks that were touching each other. Using sensitive contact microphones and a portable digital audio tape recorder, they captured the sounds within the stones. These sounds were brought back into the studio, sampled, and played with songs performed by Native American singers, ceremonial and electronic instruments, and natural ambiances. - $15.00
1. The Ringing Desert
2. Invocation Real Audio
3. Shadows & Light
4. Petroglyphs
5. Stone People
6. Ghost Dance
7. Night Rocks
8. Subterranean Garden
9. Shadows
10. Honoring Stone Magic
11. Sunrise Ceremony
12. Return of the Red Hat Real Audio



with Ron Sunsinger and Steve Roach
(Fathom/Hearts of Space 1995) CD
The Kiva represents the unbroken circle of the Earth. It is the meeting place of peoples who love the Earth. The Kiva can take many forms. It can be a sweatlodge, a teepee during a peyote ceremony, the arbor of a sundance, an ayahuasca ceremony under the canopy of the rainforest, a hole in the ground with a ladder protruding out of it, or the darkly lit chamber of a musician's studio. With the permission of the elders of three traditional ceremonies, Ron made source recordings that are the basis for the structure of this CD. Each composer initiated a musical ceremony that the others participated in. Together they wove a fourth ceremony in a cavern in northern New Mexico. - $15.00
1. Passage One Real Audio
2. East Kiva/Calling in the Midnight Water
3. Passage Two
4. South Kiva/Mother Ayahuasca Real Audio (excerpt)
5. Passage Three
6. West Kiva/Sacrifice, Prayer, and Visions
7. Passage Four
8. North Kiva/Trust and Remember
9. The Center



with L. Subramaniam, David Hykes, and Dead Can Dance
(Milan 1992) CD
Michael's global film score to Ron Fricke's non-verbal 70mm masterpiece "Baraka". Baraka is an ancient Sufi word with forms in many languages. It is simply translated as a blessing, or the breath or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds. Baraka, the epic non-verbal film, tells the story of the Earth's evolution, man's diversity and interconnection, and his impact on the planet. The film was shot in 70mm in 24 countries, in diverse locales such as Brazil, Nepal, Cambodia, Kuwait, India, Tanzania, and Iran. Note that the main theme for Baraka is found in a different form on Michael's "Sacred Site" CD.
1a. Mantra
1b. Organics
2. Wipala
3. The Host of Seraphim
4. Village Dance
5. Wandering Saint Real Audio (excerpt)
6. African Journey
7. Rainbow Voice
8. Monk With Bell
9. Broken Vows Real Audio
10. Finale
11. End Credits
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Our secure online ordering system is closed for the summer.
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