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Solo Recordings 1977 to 1987

Ancient Leaves

Ancient Leaves
(Continuum Montage 1978) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 1999
Michael's timeless first LP. Two extended pieces with deep synths, Kantele and Gregorian chants. Within the cover of Ancient Leaves awaits your musical passport... With Elysian E.
Now available on CD. - $15.00
1. Ancient Leaves Real Audio (excerpt)
2. Elysian E Real Audio (excerpt)


Sustaining Cylinders

Sustaining Cylinders
(Continuum Montage 1978) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 2001
This is not music per se, but an ambient meditative background. The first cue was created on Erv Wilson's Eikosany, a 20 tone instrument. The second cue, Sleeping Conches is a background of ocean surf with heavily processed bells and conches. - $15.00
1. Sustaining Cylinders Real Audio (excerpt)
2. Sleeping Conches Real Audio (excerpt)



(Continuum Montage 1979/Sonic Atmospheres 1982) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 2000, Morning Jewel
Morning weaves ambiance recorded in the desert of Arizona and a Mexican village at dawn with synth textures and atmospheric vocals. The second piece, Jewel, was created on Erv Wilson's Eikosany instrument with soft ambient vocals by Marsha Lee. - $15.00
1. Morning Real Audio (excerpt)
2. Jewel Real Audio (excerpt)


Planetary Unfolding

Planetary Unfolding
(Continuum Montage 1980/Sonic Atmospheres 1981) CD
"Imagine the Earth as a being of sound. The sounds are of all times, its past life mixed with sounds yet to be heard. Now imagine the cosmos as a vibrating living orchestration, with a resonance so complex and deep that we are engulfed by a vast and tender silence." Considered a classic in its genre, Planetary Unfolding was performed entirely on the mighty Serge Synthesizer. From the opening movement "In the Beginning..." we are transported to the far reaches of deep space. - $15.00
1. "In the Beginning..." Real Audio (excerpt)
2. "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
3. "Wherever two or more are gathered..."
4. Life in the Gravity Well
5. As the Earth Kissed the Moon Real Audio (excerpt)
6. "Something's Moving"

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Lyra Sound Constellation

Lyra Sound Constellation
(Continuum Montage 1983) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 1998
Michael in performance with George Landry's giant cosmic harp. Lyra is a truly awesome sonic experience. This is a very spacious recording, like the instrument itself. Lyra's strings stretch to over 25 feet in length and her tones rise from the underworld in strange and haunting textures. The final cut, Return, was recorded live in concert while Michael played his synths and Lyra. - $15.00
1. Arrival
2. Subterranean Ambiance Real Audio
3. Intervals & Echoes
4. Rivers of Rhythm
5. Sanctuary
6. Invocation
7. The Dragon's Dream World
8. Return Real Audio (excerpt)



(Sonic Atmospheres 1984) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 2000
Originally released in 1983 as "Light Play". Much of the material on M'ocean originated in Michael's early live performances which took place between 1978 and 1982. - $15.00
1. Sirens
2. Marriage Chords Real Audio (excerpt)
3. M'ocean Real Audio
4. Lightplay
5. Vicki's Dance
6. Fireflies' Delight
7. Walking Song



(Sonic Atmospheres 1984) CD, DVD
Michael's enveloping film score to Ron Fricke's pandimensional time lapse IMAX film masterpiece. This is a package tour through time and space, with ports of call throughout the ancient and modern worlds. Michael guides us on an aural journey that is tuned to the time scales and rhythms of the sets... the slow steady march of Nature, the measured acceleration of the Egyptian movement, and the free fall through a window-in-time into classical civilization. Finally, a roller coaster ride of music, as the film careens through Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. - $15.00
1. Corridors of Time Real Audio (excerpt)
2. Essence and the Ancients
3. Angels, Bells, and Pastorale
4. Escalator
5. Voices
6. Portraits Real Audio
7. The Ride (Finale)
We also offer the film on DVD.

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CD $15.00



(Sonic Atmospheres 1986) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 1999
Michael composes in a more traditional musical style. With guitars, saxophones, flutes, and fiddles, there is a playful musical energy at work here. - $15.00
1. Splash
2. Two Memories
3. Penguins on Mars
4. Dark Passage Real Audio
5. Space Grass
6. Tickle
7. Entry
8. Plunge
9. Whoosh! Real Audio (excerpt)
10. Bell Tear
11. Exit
12. Loose Ends


Floating Whispers

Floating Whispers
(Sonic Atmospheres 1987) CD
Earth Turtle/Groove remastered 1998
The music on this CD weaves a mood of reflection on places, times of day, and memories that bubble up from the ethers. At times haunting in nature, there are glimpses of other times and spaces not yet remembered. - $15.00
1. Spanish Twilight Real Audio
2. Portraits (From Chronos)
3. Almost Daybreak
4. At the Bath
5. A Moment Before
6. The Reflecting Heart
7. Night Currents
8. Floating Whispers Real Audio


Our secure online ordering system is closed for the summer.
Try out the Real Audio streams associated with each release
and we’ll be back on-line to take your orders in the fall.

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