Words and images make up the symbolic structure of how we create our reality as individuals, cultures and as a species. Rather than experience directly the universe that we inhabit, we perceive it through the symbolic overlay of our inner and cultural dialogue.

Music can open doorways into what it means to be human beyond our limited cultural definitions. If the listener is open, music becomes a magic carpet carrying the participant on a flight of becoming.


Michael Stearns is a film composer, ambient music composer, sound designer and soundtrack producer for large format films, theatrical films, documentaries, commercials and themed attractions. His award winning scores to Ron Fricke’s non-verbal global film masterpieces “Chronos” and “Baraka” have played to audiences around the world.

Michael’s music has been used by Laserium, NASA and choreographed to by the Berkshire Ballet. Through his soundtrack production company, Michael Stearns Productions, he has created the soundtracks to Universal’s “Back To The Future, The Ride” and Paramount’s “Star Trek, The Experience”.